Lifestyles Photography | FAQ

Questions and Answers :)


Q: What are your favorite locations to shoot at?

A: The photographer has two in home studios  available for any type of photoshoot. These is located at 310 161stSt SW B Lynnwood, WA 98087 or the Bellevue Westin. We have black, white, cream, linen, pink and patterned backgrounds. We also have a variety of props for the photoshoot. Most of the indoor photos on Zenfolio were done at these in home studios. If you see something you like, be sure to let us know and we can make it available. Our favorite outdoor location is Airport Park at Martha Lake. It has a variety of great posing locations that can work for couples or large families. Mill creek town center is also fun. The address of Airport Park is 200 146th St W Lynnwood, WA 98037. Or if you live farther north, we like Howarth Park at 1127 Olymipic Blvd Everett, WA 98203 :)


Q: What should I bring to my photoshoot?

A: For each 15-30 minutes of your photoshoot, you can have one outfit. Feel free to bring any props or fabric that you think would look good or be fun in your pictures. For example, for a child’s first birthday, bring a large wood “1” for them to hold and play with in the pictures. For boudoir, bring draping fabric for a cool effect.


Q: How do I let my photographer know which photos I would like to be edited?

A: Select your favorites on Zenfolio and send them to the photographer to edit. To do this, view the photos one by one and above each photo you like, you can click “add to favorites” (you will know it was added when the text changes to “remove from favorites”). Once you have chosen all your favorite originals, click “my selection” in the top left corner. Click “Send to…” and then enter your information and anything else you would like us to know and then “Send to photographer”.


Q: What is the photographer’s editing process?

A: The photographer will make youredited photos available, at a minimum, two weeks after we receive your choices. She will fix the lighting and contrast, as well as touch up obvious flaws. The photo will be cropped and any background that is out of place will be fixed. Multiple washes will be added to the photos, including black and white. Any specific requests will be addressed on a case by case basis. Edited can take a tremendous amount of the photographers time. Simple requests can usually be accommodated without an extra fee.


Q: What if I like more than 25 photos and want them edited too?

A: To edit an additional 10 original photos is an extra $30. Or we can release the copyright to all the unedited originals for an extra $50. Lifestyles Photography can send you a Paypal invoice to make the process faster.


Q: How do receive my edited photos?

A: Your edited photos are available to download to your home computer from Lifestyles Photography’s Zenfolio website. To download your photos to your home computer, click one photo and above the photo you can click “download all available originals”. Enter your password and your photos will download to a zip file. You will need to “extract all files” to be able to view them on your computer.


Q: How do I pay my photographer?

A: We accept checks addressed to LIFESTYLES PHOTOGRAPHY, cash, or we can email you a PayPal invoice.


If you have any other questions, please email We are happy to talk to you!