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Lifestyles Photography

Digital Photography Workshop

This hands-on Digital Photography Workshop trains amateur photographers while maintaining an average size of six students, providing participants with enough instructor one-on-one attention to ask questions. Attendees should bring their digital cameras to learn about their technical organs and to let an experienced camera craftsperson help adjust their settings for optimal results in future photos.

The photographer, Sarah, is dedicated to learning your specific digital camera and how to take the best picture possible of the subjects you want to shoot. You'll receive simple to understand explanations and instructions that will help you to enjoy your camera more than ever before. We'll teach you why using the proper settings will help improve your photos. We'll take photos on a photo safariat a local park and discuss how to improve framing, focusing, and lighting options and methods to create wonderful looking photos that will surely impress your friends and family.


Workshop focuses on:

  • Helping you to understand your camera's capabilities and limitations
  • About sensors vs film
  • File choices, when and why to use RAW
  • When and why to use automatic settings
  • When, why and how to use the aperture priority/value setting
  • Exposure triangle
  • Shutter speed control
  • What ISO is and does
  • What aperture is and what it does
  • What depth of field is and how it can improve photos
  • White balance, when and why to change it
  • How to use your focus options
  • What the focal plane is and why it's important
  • How to find your lens macro limitation
  • About framing and positioning
  • Proper picture composition
  • How to use lighting to your advantage
  • When to use flash and various options
  • Flash Deflection techniques
  • Continuous shot control, when and why to use it
  • How to stop the action
  • How to remove sun glare
  • How to enhance color vibrancy

Photoshop Basics Workshop

Sarah’s Photoshop Basics Workshop allows students with work with a trained photographer on how she uses Adobe photoshop to edit and enhance her professional client's photos. Students can bring up to five of their own photos to practice the techniques learned.


Topics include:

  • Organizer Overview
  • Single Shot Adjustments
  • Quick Editing Mode
  • Guided Editing Mode
  • Organizer Advanced
  • Touring Full Edit Mode
  • Introducing Layers
  • Working with Layers
  • Working with Colors
  • The Burn Tool
  • Dodging & Sponging
  • Full Edit Mode Complete
  • Understanding Image Size & Resolution
  • Taking control of the Magnetic Lasso
  • Creating & Applying Masks
  • Transformation Tricks